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Atlantans take a serious look at this Edlin guy before you vest a penny. These people posting are on the money.

Edlin and his hench"women" follow his lead to lie, cheat, overbill, steal and parade his way through undeserving lives. He leave utter destruction in his path and as one poster said, he should be disbarred. A fellow attorney elaborated on his degree.

Mercer...he barely made it thru a third grade law school. X x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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Unscrupulous Firm. BEWARE

to Hans A #1438575

Type yourMany readers have contacted me at my Hotmail account asking where they can file a grievance against the Stern - Edlin - Shiel Edlin law firm. Below are the contacts for the Georgia Bar Association folks who can guide you.

The site is and their site map is excellent. You can find the appropriate items that may pertain to your particular grievance and apply them directly in a complaint to the Georgia Bar and copy the individuals below.If you are one of us who thinks the Georgia Bar doesn't reprimand and even revoke attorneys licenses for bad conduct, just read thru the latest list of disbarments. The Edlin Firm - Shiel Edlin, walks a fine line with the rules and ethics listed by the Georgia Bar. You do have the right to complain when you are wronged by this and any other law firm.

It is happening every day in Georgia and you will be shocked to see the fraud and theft that is committed by the lawyers listed on the Georgia Bar site.Don't be afraid to stand up for your legal rights.

Contact the Georgia Bar after you navigate thru their site. You are protected by the first amendment to freedom of speech and your opinion matters to help remove the bad guys from their posh offices that you pay for with your hard earned money.Ball, Mercedes Assistant Director 404-526-8623 404-527-8717 mercedesb@gabar.orgDailey, Barbara Administrator 404-526-8624 404-527-8717 barbarad@gabar.orgDavis, Donna Senior Administrator 404-526-8611 404-527-8717 donnad@gabar.orgHulsey, Lynda Director 404-527-8726 404-527-8717 lyndah@gabar.orgLewis, Estella Administrator 404-526-8622 404-527 message here

to Anonymous #1616744

Priceless info. THANK YOU

Sterling, Virginia, United States #1295998

An office building full of deadbeats.....AMEN folks...Be patient...his time will come when he has to answer to a higher he can't lie his way out of.....

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1245113

Loser........Loser Firm.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1245111

Write this down people.


It's just the beginning of the financial drain that SHEIL Edlin and his cohort, Karla Sten will suck from you.

Beware and stay away. These reviews are almost the same experience a I had when I divorced my husband and used his so called "high asset firm".

He will remove everyone's assets but his own.

to YES EDLIN DOES ***K 1 #1424383

Maybe you should try the Hobson Law Firm who is advertising between the comments on here. Pretty clever to put your firm on a site where this other guy is getting clobbered.

He’s definitely upset someone’s apllecart and the first amendment can make it rough of people who do you wrong. Dale S.

to YES EDLIN DOES ***K 1 #1616746

He’s right. 10K will only get an appointment.

It’s only the start of the worst experience you can have. Great posting and great site.

Smyrna, Georgia, United States #1245102


Who the HE LL cares. Yes, Edlin does SU CK

Eufaula, Alabama, United States #1233647

Dead on appraisal of this firm.


Priceless review. I've heard nothing but bad about this firm.

to Anonymous #1464328

Horrible firm. These posters are spot on.

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