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The most dispicable lawyer in Atlanta. Lieing and cheating donkey dung attorney.

This dude gives bad lawyers a good reputation. Yes he's that bad. Not only incompetent but tries to cover up his inept ability to be a descent person. All I can hope is that a posting like this will allow others to run the other way.

Don't walk, run like h e l l. I've yet to meet a client of his who didn't end up just a deep in debt of the X spouse he Drained with improper billing and over inflated rates. He doesn't get off his *** for less than $10,000. Hopefully others will see this an chime in or stay the heck away from the devil himself.

Just my personal opinion but my opinion counts. Get ready Edlin, I going to rally all of those who have had the sad experience to meet your sorry mule.

Surely you are headed to ***. Enjoy the best mother F

Product or Service Mentioned: Stern And Edlin Family Law Attorney.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $892000.

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This firm is pasted all over the internet. Imagine what people like this got away with before social media. Thanks to Pissed Consumer.

to Anonymous #1424384

It’s good that people share their opinions. Without it, those really needing good, honest help might end up making poor decisions.

Seems there are a lot of tricksters in the law business. No different than a host of other professions I suppose.

Best of luck to those needing sound advice. Divorce is never fun and others should not take advantage.


Freaking hilarious

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