I personally had a great experience with Stern & Edlin, my attorney was Ms Strawser a Partner in the firm. Ms.

Strawser was 1st Class and all about business. Yes their fees are high so it can get expensive fast, but know you are in control of your bill by being a great and helpful client and knowing how you want to proceed in your divorce, every time you change your mind, change directions, call to cry on the phone it cost you money! So stop whining and admit to how you cost yourself too much money.

P.S. I check all my monthly bills from my attorneys and if there is an issue in billing I address and fix it that month, I don't let it fester...

Product or Service Mentioned: Stern And Edlin Family Law Attorney.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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An idiot if you believe the poster. Run like *** Just proves there is always a fool somewhere. Ha



How many attorneys do you have or, worse yet, need. {{Redacted}}


What an idiot you are. Good service? HAHAHAAAA

to John #1617842

Give the poster a break. Just shows there’s a fool born every minute.


You fools. This is Edlin or his employees posting this. No one can stand this j e r k


If you seriously think you can “ control your bill “ at Stern Edlin, you are a fool.


You fool. You can’t even get an honest billing statement from Edlin.

I’m laughing so hard.

I’ve got some swamp land in Florida I want to sell you too. A fool IS born every minute.


“Not as bad as they say”. If, you read between the lines on this fools comment, he still uses the word “bad”.

I find that statement rather comical as he shyed away from a decent review. I’m seeing a heck of a lot of negatives about lawyers on this site. I review it regularly and that still rates this outfit in the junk yard. At least I still appreciate his honesty, even though I classified him as a fool.

Edlin manages to fool a lot of clients until they run out of money. And that goes for both sides.

Cheers! Tony


Funny...the poster says “their fees can get out of hand”. That’s the same thing as saying not to bend over in front of this firm.


Hey, can't comment on Strawser or whatever her name is but if you run into Webb, don't say we didn't warn you. She's a major B and among those who give attorneys a BAD name.

to Noneofyour #1464332

Be more sprcific. The assistant at Edlin is Elizabeth Web. She’s pathetic.


Read the review yourself. My bet is the other poster is right.

It's way to self serving. Fake as heck.


Nothing about Stern-Edlin is first class. The old man Stern was know as a crook.


HAHAAAAA, another *** claiming he knows the Edlin firm bills properly. I've got some prime swamp land I want to show you fool.


You must be ***, deaf, blind or just an ***. This firm is full of thieves.

Must be writing their own accolades now. Wouldn't put it past them.

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